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Campaign Priorities


Every Punahou graduate remembers at least one teacher who changed his or her life. More than anything else, it is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty throughout the School’s history that has inspired countless Punahou students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision. A healthy school attracts exceptional teachers by cultivating their intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and collaboration – qualities that they also nurture and inspire in our students. Punahou is committed to sustaining a vibrant culture of professional renewal among our faculty while seeking new ways to enrich a global community of educators who are reinventing the art of teaching.

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A student body that is economically, ethnically and culturally diverse enables children to question their own assumptions, gain new perspectives, and develop a creative, critical and compassionate understanding of the world around them. We believe any child who has the talent and promise to thrive in our learning environments should be able to do so, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. In an era of shrinking educational access, we are committed to funding a family’s demonstrated financial need so that Punahou can attract and admit bright, motivated and talented students who will take full advantage of Punahou’s opportunities and who will enhance the School community.

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Few schools can claim a sense of place as strong as Punahou's. Sheltered by Manoa Valley and nourished by the waters of Ka Punahou, the lands of the New Spring have provided sanctuary and belonging to children and adults for nearly two centuries. While the campus continues to evolve, it sustains a timeless connection to Hawai'i and its own history. Today, we are preparing for the future with thoughtful campus planning that enhances the landscape of learning that is so central to the Punahou experience.

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A Punahou education develops values and character as much as it does intellectual or physical ability, preparing children for a lifetime of personal fulfillment, authenticity and purpose. While our students may be dramatically diverse in personality and interests, they embody the core values central to our institutional culture: empathy, collaboration, creativity, innovation, social responsibility, global awareness and moral leadership. The attentive cultivation of these values is what sets them apart in the world and what inspires Punahou graduates to a lifelong sense of personal and public purpose.

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One of the hallmarks of a Punahou education is paying forward the gift of learning. The School has thrived for almost two centuries thanks to the generosity of generations who came before us – people who believed in sustaining the quality of education that takes place here. Grounded in a long tradition of support from dedicated alumni, families and friends, Punahou has successfully built upon its founding gifts. We launch a new era of growth by celebrating the culture of philanthropy that brought us this far and by challenging ourselves to raise our sights even higher.

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