Message from the Principals

Our Punahou is a place that is in the process of becoming. Our Punahou is an ‘ohana that cares deeply about our local, national and global community and is committed to giving our students the opportunities to realize their responsibility in transforming the world around them for the better.

The mission of Punahou School endures, as it has for almost two centuries. What is changing is what we know about the efficacy of teaching and learning, and that awareness invites us to explore new directions in K – 12 education and to build a future in which Punahou is a thoughtful partner and leader in Hawai‘i and beyond.

Imagination is essential to pursuing that future and we imagine a time at Punahou when:

  • Student inquiry and voice informs curriculum;
  • Personalized learning is meaningful, engaging, appropriate and experiential for every child;
  • Product-oriented learning is a key tool for assessment, enabling student learning to be authentic and relevant to local, national and global audiences;
  • We have effective systems for communicating the full experience of our students to parents, colleges and universities;
  • Every phase of a student’s experience from kindergarten through high school reflects authentic learning in a sequence that is coherent and purposeful;
  • Learning environments support and compel exchange, transparency and innovation;
  • Faculty professional development is focused on cultivating the new skills essential for our teachers today and is in service to the broader educational community;
  • Our faculty engage in continual reflective practice that supports the ongoing evolution of our school community.

This campaign is a bridge to these aspirations. By transforming Punahou’s learning environments; faculty growth and renewal; our educational program for public purpose, and the diversity of our student experiences, Ku’u Punahou represents a clear road map toward the school we imagine in the years ahead. 

Paris Priore-Kim, Junior School Principal and Emily McCarren, Academy Principal