Mastery Learning is a Must
Academy faculty Terry Yamamoto-Edwards shares insights from her year-long sabbatical living with her son in Spain.
Building Bridges at 10,000 Feet

Grade 4 teacher Kris Schwengel shares insights from his "Schwabbatical," which focused on project-based learning and the Junior School Learning Commons.

Punahou Poll: Teachers, How Did You Get Ready for the Year?

With everyone hitting their stride for the new school year, we asked teachers how they spent their summers preparing. Whether it be taking time to recharge or taking advantage of the time to gain professional development experiences, here's what Punahou faculty had to say about their summers.

Brain Symposium 2018
Each year, Punahou hosts a Brain Symposium with a focus on learning and the brain. This winter, Punahou welcomed back Dr. Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, a leader in the field of the teaching philosophy that incorporates research from neuroscience and psychology, to lead the conversation among attendees.
A Conversation on the Future of Education
In January, visiting educators convened at Punahou for an informal lunchtime panel discussion on the future of education. During the professional development opportunity, Punahou faculty had the chance to bounce ideas off the presenters.