Newest Outdoor Learning Environment Emerges

Construction for Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 continues at a rapid pace. Visitors to campus may have noticed that the colorful murals serving as construction walls have given way to a temporary construction fence. This change signals that the scheduled completion date of June 1, 2019, is near.

Last week, ohia posts for the outdoor classroom hale were installed. The hale, along with a navigational compass and nearby lo'i, will be named in honor of former Punahou Junior School teacher David Ka'aumoana McKenney '83 through a generous gift from his parents Luanna Farden '56 and Peter McKenney. More than 800 donors have contributed to support the progressive learning environments in our Kosasa Community.

Follow the construction of Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community, the future home of the Junior School Learning Commons, at