A Diverse Learning Community

A student body that is economically, ethnically and culturally diverse enables children to question their own assumptions, gain new perspectives, and develop a creative, critical and compassionate understanding of the world around them. We believe any child who has the talent and promise to thrive in our learning environments should be able to do so, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. In an era of shrinking educational access, we are committed to funding a family’s demonstrated financial need so that Punahou can attract and admit bright, motivated and talented students who will take full advantage of Punahou’s opportunities and who will enhance the School community. Goal: $45 million.

Need-based financial aid continues to be a high priority as we seek to attract students of high promise, without family finances being a filter for admission. Punahou lags behind state and national independent school averages when it comes to the percentage of its students who receive financial assistance, even though over 600 families receive financial aid each year, with awards ranging from $2,000 – $20,000. The average individual award is over $9,000, making it possible for students of modest means and diverse backgrounds to experience a Punahou education. Increasing our designated endowment for financial aid is the best way to secure long-term support for deserving students. Gifts to the campaign is helping Punahou to establish this vital foundation for a diverse and talented community of learners.

See how the success of the Changing Lives Challenge has already transformed thousands of students’ lives and is helping the School realize its potential as an educational thought leader locally, nationally and globally.

Support beyond tuition. Every student deserves the opportunity to be fully immersed in the Punahou experience, and each school year offers many valuable activities with expenses beyond tuition. Examples include team and class trips, annual performances such as the Holoku Pageant, senior prom, Summer School and other opportunities for children to grow and bond with their peers beyond the classroom. Funding to support students beyond tuition dollars will make these experiences more accessible to those who are unable to participate for economic reasons.

The Art of Teaching

Every Punahou graduate remembers at least one teacher who changed his or her life. More than anything else, it is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty throughout the School’s history that has inspired countless Punahou students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision. A healthy school attracts exceptional teachers by cultivating their intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and collaboration – qualities that they also nurture and inspire in our students. Punahou is committed to sustaining a vibrant culture of professional renewal among our faculty while seeking new ways to enrich a global community of educators who are reinventing the art of teaching. Goal: $10 million.

Professional Programs at Punahou is the nucleus of professional development opportunities for educators to advance their instruction and growth. Punahou encourages teachers to become reflective practitioners, researchers, scholars and authors, with the expectation that they will contribute meaningfully to a broader understanding of teaching and learning. One of the program’s goals is to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, and of research and action, in the context of a vibrant, innovative K – 12 school. Campaign funding will enable educators at Punahou and beyond to work with colleagues and strategic partners to advance their own practice and benefit their students and their institutions.

Faculty fellowships give teachers the opportunity to explore areas of inquiry that will contribute to the instructional knowledge base of Punahou’s learning community and beyond. Cohorts of fellows are structured around themes, with an emphasis on relevance from kindergarten through grade 12. They include research-based proposals and fellowships informed by Punahou’s current instructional priorities. Being named a Punahou Faculty Fellow allows our teachers to replace all or a portion of their teaching load with dedicated time to enrich and deepen their practice, with the expectation that their learning will be reapplied to the classroom and to the instructional program of the School.

Endowed positions. Endowed support for positions including department heads, grade- level supervisors and center directors builds strength and capacity across diverse areas of the institution. Punahou is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding teachers and scholars from around the country and the world, providing excellent salary, benefits and support. Campaign funding will allow us to secure positions for our essential faculty and leadership through stable endowment resources, underscoring their valuable role in the evolution of the School in the 21st century.