Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning environments are just as essential as indoor environments in the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community, based on the idea that learning occurs everywhere. The diversity of outdoor spaces complements the flexibility of the indoor ones. Bioswales, forested trails, agricultural terraces and gardens are designed to integrate the landscape, support Hawaiian cultural education and cultivate sustainable behavior. From stewarding the resources of our island ecology to experiencing the adventure of the natural world, children in the Kosasa Community are blessed with a wide array of outdoor environments to explore, play and learn in.

Punahou’s Outdoor Education faculty have built a thoughtful curriculum to support these goals, with dynamic activities to familiarize students with the unique features of the Community’s landscape. Below is a colorful map used to orient students to the native plants they will be studying in more depth during their time at Kosasa, especially as part of the third-grade focus on Hawai‘i. A field guide complete with in-depth information about each plant can also be viewed.

To learn more about how the outdoors across campus are being intentionally used as learning environments, read “The World Beyond Our Walls” from the Punahou Bulletin Spring 2014.

A Community for All of Us

See how this beautiful and interactive overview flipbook tells the story of the new Kosasa Community.


The World Beyond Our Walls – Punahou’s Campus Springs to Life as an Outdoor Classroom